Looking For An Email Autoresponder Software but Don’t Know What To Choose? Stop Your Search Right Now

Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

Are you automating your businesses? For instance, if you need to offer a free ebook to every person who subscribe to your newsletter, an automated system should take charge of doing all that work. If not, it will become a real chore and hassle for you to do it manually. Now say you are going on vacation, you can even prepare your newsletters in advance and schedule them to be sent on a specific date. You’ll need an automated system to do that. This is where an email autoresponder software comes into play.

Email autoresponder software are highly powerful marketing tools and due to the fact that they work “behind the scenes”, some people don’t realise how effective they can be. In fact, they are excellent non-stop marketers working for you around the clock 24/7, while you are sleeping or even on vacation. You can provide email courses sent to your prospects everyday or every couple of days just like you choose. You can deliver your articles easily and automatically to people who want to reprint them. Like mentioned above, if you are offering a gift like an ebook to every new subscriber, no need to send to everyone of them manually by email. The reason is your email autoresponder software will do its job because everytime someone subscribes to your newsletter, he or she automatically receives an instant message eg thank you for subscribing, here is your gift with a link to it to download… Well these are just some of the many benefits of using an email autoresponder software.

If you are still looking for an email autoresponder software but still unsure what to choose among the different options, you’ve come to the right place. Here you will find my totally No-hyped and honest review about an autoresponder software service I’ve been using for years and which has given me much satisfaction ie customer service and the product itself.

I’ve recently made great strides growing my business with the help of this amazing email autoresponder software service called GetResponse, and I think you could benefit from it as well. Don’t worry – you don’t have to be a computer geek or marketing guru. It was easy and fun to use from day one, and now with the new release tools, I have even more reasons to like it! Before I continue, let me tell you more about GetResponse itself.

GetResponse is a remotely hosted email autoresponder software system and is now priced ultra-competitively for frequent mailouts, newsletter hosting and large mailing lists!GetResponse email autoresponder software GetResponse’s new pricing model makes it very affordable to manage *both small and large lists*, and in addition to unlimited marketing campaigns and follow-up messages, now you will be able to send *unlimited broadcast messages* too!

Take advantage of this benefit to send out your newsletters, product announcements, offers, email postcards as often as you like, no matter how big your mailing lists are.

Now let me start at the beginning. Building a contact list was my biggest hurdle. With GetResponse, all I had to do was use the easy Forms Wizard to customize a sign-up form for my website. Within days, GetResponse was adding dozens, sometimes hundreds of new subscribers to my mailing list, resulting in thousands of dollars in sales! How did I turn these contacts into customers?

First of all I used the GetResponse autoresponder feature to communicate with my new subscribers. It’s a great tool that lets me to follow up automatically, either as part of a drip marketing campaign, or to promote special offers and events. I also use it to send out monthly newsletters full of useful articles and product tips. The newsletter is really popular and has helped me build trusting relationships with my subscribers – and that means more website visitors, more referrals, and more sales!

But don’t get me wrong…it’s not always automatic! Nowadays you need to go the extra mile to stand out from the crowd. GetResponse is loaded with media-rich features to increase open and click-through rates and get people to act. For example, in my first week of using email marketing, I used GetResponseMultimedia Studio to produce a short product demo. I had no idea it would make such a difference! It seems everyone wants to see and hear about my product, rather than read about it. And it was so easy! Using my laptop, a webcam, and GetResponse Multimedia Studio, I recorded and embedded a product demo directly from my account and tripled my campaign sales!

So I was off to a great start! But everyone knows that consumer tastes and markets change all the time, so I soon realized that I had to find a way to “plug in” to those changes. I didn’t have the time or the money to invest in research, so what to do? Problem solved! I can use the free GetResponse survey tool as often as I want – and it doesn’t cost me a dime extra. No more guessing…and customers love it!

Speaking of “plugging in”, I’m a huge fan of social media, and I’m not the only one. Thanks to GetResponse’s easy integration, I can instantly publish blog updates and links to my latest broadcast on Twitter! And I recently added a sign-up form to my FaceBook profile. Getting in the middle of the social media buzz is a snap with GetResponse!


You’ve heard a little about my email marketing success. If you’re looking for Affordable, Media-Rich Email Marketing Solutions, I strongly recommend GetResponse! So what are you waiting for? Give GetResponse a try.

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